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Musical Carousel – Big, Yellow Carousel Music Box


This carefully crafted, fabulous carousel has a music that reaches the heart and envelops you in a relaxing sensation, a heartwarming toy.

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Wonderful colorful and varnished music box with four horses, playing the enchanting melody “Camelot”. The carousel rotates and the aroma of toasted almonds, caramel apples, and cotton candy seems to linger in the air.

The Carousel offers a complete sensory experience that will transport children to a world of fantasy and adventure. With its bright colors and enchanting melody, this toy stimulates imagination and creativity.

It’s also an excellent way to encourage social interaction and cooperative play among children. Friends can enjoy the fun and excitement together while imagining their own stories and adventures on the carousel.

CE Certificate

It has a certificate of product suitable for commercialization in the EU.

Wooden Carousel – Sustainable Toy

Promotes a toy that helps reduce plastic production and connects with nature.


A wooden toy is a piece that can last for several generations within a family.

Connection with nature

Wood connects us with nature, our products are soft to the touch, carefully polished, and help children understand the importance of caring for the environment.


We offer a variety of puzzles and toys that are special thanks to their unique design, there is no other brand that offers such striking and original design, they are exclusive collectible toys.

In addition, this Carousel not only is a toy for children, but it can also be a unique decoration piece in any home. Its elegant and colorful design can complement any style of decoration and add a touch of joy and fun.

Weight 1,12 kg
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 16 cm
Age recommendation



Small foot




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