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Welcome to Bubu Toys

Our shop is aimed at the public that appreciates quality and empathizes with the care of the environment, we are a small shop and we offer hundreds of articles based on sustainability, learning through fun and playful tools made of materials that respect life.

Wood, sugar cane, fabrics, recovery of raw materials, these are the materials that children need to understand the importance of living healthily with the planet. Stopping the production of plastic and offering durable toys are Bubu Toys’ priorities and with your help we can achieve this.

Find toys for motor development, building, stacking, grasping, painting, practising social skills, recognising emotions, creating models, making necklaces, magnetic toys, music and hundreds of other things.

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Pure natural products

Our toys are wooden, nature-friendly and safe for children.

Toys for Skill Development

Amazing preschool skill development and support activities with Bubu Toys.

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