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Fun Wooden Kitchen


A beautiful red wooden kitchen that comes with several utensils to prepare the most delicious dishes that your little one’s imagination can create!

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This wooden toy kitchen is sure to become an essential element in any child’s playroom! This classic children’s toy is a wonderful way to encourage imagination and creativity while learning basic culinary skills. Made of high-quality wood, this toy kitchen is sure to last many years of imaginative play. With realistic features like a sink, stove, and oven, children can enjoy hours of fun cooking up delicious imaginary meals and serving them to their friends and family.

The wooden kitchen comes with:

  • 6 kitchen utensils.
  • Clock with movable hands.


  • Doors that open.
  • All knobs turn and click.
  • Storage space under the sink.
  • Solid wood construction.
  • Detailed assembly instructions.
  • Height from floor to countertop: 47.5 cm.

Sustainable Toy

Promotes a toy that helps reduce plastic production and connects with nature.


A wooden toy is a piece that can last several generations within a family.

Connection with nature

Wood connects us with nature, our products are soft to the touch, carefully polished and help children understand the importance of caring for the environment.


We offer a variety of puzzles and toys that are special thanks to their unique design, there is no other brand that offers such striking and original designs, they are exclusive collectible toys.”

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 62 × 14 × 42 cm


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